Contributing resources to the community, improving quality of life.

  • Linking over 1000 rural men and women to urban markets
  • Educating women the basic literacy skills in Hindi and Math, for one hour every day within the working hours
  • Caring about their overall health by providing free community lunch
  • Empowering them to come out of homes and have substantial say in the personal and societal space


Obligation to what is Right, Just and Fair

  • Proper training to enhance their skills
  • Enabling them develop futuristic and sustainable skill set
  • Motivating and enabling them to increase their productivity and hence, earnings by more than double
  • Enhancing the quality of life and overall well being of marginalized section of society


Upcycling with natural processes

  • Recycling whatever is possible e.g. mill wastes, cycle tubes, wrappers, fan belts, vegetable and fruit residues, grass, etc.
  • To convert them into the most innovative upcycled range of yarns.
  • All our products are made from traditional techniques, skills and hand-based processes.
  • Our products are recycled, craft based, contemporary, and affordable.


Obeying the law

  • Abiding by the guidelines for Good weave License Certificate ( GW-0615-203)
  • Compliance with the guidelines for SA8000:2008 certification( Certificate No: 104342-U01)


Foundation upon which all others rest

  • Creating a base for sustainable rural employment
  • Providing respectful wages
  • Selling at the right platforms to ensure continuous business.
  • Abiding by the social responsibilities help us as retainer ship tools
  • Commanding unparalled respect as just and fair employers among the weaver community of our remote village area.